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Dr. Susanne Rinner

Photo of Dr. Susanne Rinner Dr. Susanne Rinner (Languages, Literatures and Cultures) received new funding from the German Embassy for the project “Career Readiness with German.” Dr. Benjamin Davis and Dr. Brooke Kreitinger are co-principal investigators on the project.

From the abstract:

“The German Program at UNCG supports students’ education in the tradition of the Liberal Arts. Language learning, intercultural competence, career readiness and life-long learning are key aspects of our curriculum. In fall 2018, the German Program at UNCG would like to focus on preparing our students for the job market. Specifically, we would like to encourage our students to apply for positions with the many companies in the Southeast that are either owned by German companies or have strong ties with Germany. Last year, we made contact with one of these companies, Tenowo, because their CEO took German classes with us. In turn, he has invited us to visit the company in the fall with a group of students. We would like to integrate this visit into our curriculum and our co-curricular offerings in order to ensure that our students are taking advantage of their German language skills and their familiarity with German (business) culture when they enter the job market.”