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Dr. Emily Janke wins first-ever Barbara A. Holland Scholar-Administrator Award

Photo of Dr. Janke Dr. Emily Janke will be awarded the first-ever Barbara A. Holland Scholar-Administrator Award by the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU) at their annual conference in Chicago Oct. 23.

The award is a CUMU member-nominated, member-led initiative honoring mid-career scholar-administrators. The award celebrates scholar-administrators whose leadership and intellectual voice is leading to new strategic directions relevant to current challenges in higher education. Holland Scholars are distinguished by a record of both administrative leadership and high-impact scholarship.

“The award honors Barbara’s leadership, intellectual voice and deep commitment to supporting the urban mission of the CUMU membership,” said Dr. Valerie Holton, Executive Editor of CUMU’s “Metropolitan Universities” journal. “Dr. Janke’s approach to leadership shows the strength of integrating inquiry with leadership. Through that approach, she has been able to imagine and animate innovative, evidence-based solutions to the persistent and emerging challenges facing urban and metropolitan universities and their communities.”

Dr. Janke serves as director of the Institute for Community and Economic Engagement (ICEE) at UNCG and is an associate professor in the Peace and Conflict Studies department. As director of ICEE, Dr. Janke connects and convenes scholar-administrators from UNCG and other institutions to address community-identified priorities through partnerships. Her scholar-administrative work focuses on multiple aspects of community engagement, community-university partnerships, and institutional culture and change strategies.

“I am honored to receive the inaugural Holland Award in recognition of my work,” said Dr. Janke. “Dr. Holland has not only led by example, but also created space for a larger community of scholar-administrators to boldly pursue unusual career paths—weaving administrative and scholarly leadership into whole cloth.”