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A dissertation in three minutes – ten finalists compete

The final round of the 2018 UNCG 3MT Competition will take place on Thursday, November 8, 2018, at 2 p.m. in the Virginia Dare Room of the Alumni House.

The 3MT is a competition held in hundreds of universities across the world in which master’s and doctoral students explain the importance of their research to a general audience in only three minutes using a single, static PowerPoint slide.

The ten finalists in this year’s finals will be competing for a $1000 first prize, a $500 second prize, and a $250 “people’s choice” award. All attendees will help select the people’s choice winner. UNCG’s winner advances to the regional competition held in February.

Judging this year’s competition will be UNCG Trustees Frances Bullock and Ward Russell, Executive Director of NC Biotech Nancy Johnston, and Principal and former Assistant Superintendent for the Thomasville City Schools Ashton Clemmons.

Our student finalists this year are

  • S Anandavalli, Counseling and Educational Development, Experiences of International Students of Color: A Critical Perspective
  • Durga Majari Arvapalli, Nanoscience, Turmeric Tagged Carbon Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatment
  • Elvis Foli, Kinesiology, The Effect of Hormonal Oral Contraceptives on Knee Laxity
  • Linda Friend, Nutrition, Growing Premature Infants with Donor Breast Milk
  • Joseph LeBlanc, Counseling and Educational Development, Preparing School Counselor Leaders: An Intervention Study with First-Year School Counseling Students
  • Alla Letfullina, Nanoscience, Understanding Ion Transfer within Plastic Crystals
  • Kyoungyoun Park, Kinesiology, Understanding the influence of joint loading on brain function
  • Radmila Petric, Biology, The Effects of Man-made Noise on Wild Mice
  • Snehal Shah, Nanoscience, Turmeric Tagged Carbon Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatment
  • Yener Ulus, Biology, How does seawater intrusion affect toxic mercury levels in our coastal plain wetlands?