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Keker Common Experience: new student success program for Fall 2019

Photo of the EUC exteriorThe New Student Transitions & First Year Experience office is rolling out a new first year transition program for the upcoming academic year.

The Keker Common Experience is a holistic first year student success program designed to empower students with the tools and skills needed to find their way here. By participating in this program, students will be able to:

1) Connect with UNC Greensboro’s people, programs, and resources to understand how they can help them succeed.

2) Engage in active learning strategies to improve critical thinking and academic success skills.

3) Develop a stronger sense of self-awareness through self-exploration and reflection.

4) Cultivate a sense of Spartan Pride and affinity for UNC Greensboro.

The Keker Common Experience instills a multi-faceted approach to student success and development through four key components:

Keker Success Guide: Each first year student receives a success guide created by a nationally-renowned author in the field of college student development. UNCG faculty and staff work collaboratively to tailor this guide to the Spartan experience to provide a customized and valuable learning tool.

Keker Speaker Visit: First year students have the opportunity to meet and hear from the author of the success guide during a campus visit In the fall. The author hosts a variety of presentations and workshops, to engage with first year students and the campus community.

Keker Success Series: Throughout the academic year, first year students have the opportunity to engage in a series of collaborative programs focused on student success. Various campus partners across UNCG’s campus develop and facilitate these programs to help first year students take initiative and begin taking steps toward their future success.

Keker Common Experience Scholarship: First year students have the opportunity to reflect on their Keker Common Experience by competing in an essay competition to demonstrate their personal growth and academic success throughout their first year. The winning essay will be incorporated in the future year’s success guide.

If you would like to learn more about the Keker Common Experience, visit the New Student Transitions & First Year Experience website HERE.

If you are interested in collaborating on the Keker Common Experience and/or creating programs to support the Keker Success Series, contact Emily Wiersma, associate director, at e_wiersm@uncg.edu.

Additionally, the New Student Transitions & First Year Experience office would like to thank all campus partners for their continued collaboration and support of the Keker First Year Common Read. Academic year 2018-2019 was the final year for the Keker First Year Common Read at UNC Greensboro.