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Beautiful! UNCG Grounds prepares campus for the new year

Photo of the grounds crew workingUNCG has a beauty that cannot be missed, but what may be missed is the hard work that goes into keeping the grounds looking their best.

Andrew Currin, the assistant director for Grounds at UNCG, Chris Cardwell, the grounds supervisor, and their team are hard at work preparing the campus for students to arrive.

Photo of grounds crew

Their work includes managing turf for summer heat, completing projects around dorms and other buildings, weed control, mulch touch up, tree trimming, parking lot cleanup, flower bed maintenance, and many other important tasks.

The grounds staff also has a direct role in helping students as they move on campus. The entire staff pauses all other operations during the University’s move in week due to the increased traffic around campus. That week, staff volunteers help students and families unload and move belongings into their residence halls.

“This work is something the department plans each year and it shows our dedication to the students and campus,” Currin said.

Photo of grounds crew Photo of move-in

A lot of planning happens during the summer to prepare for the coming fall and winter months and their inherent challenges. Planning includes preparations for flower rotations, tree and shrub planting, fall seeding, and response to any inclement weather.

Currin encourages UNCG students to take ownership of their campus. “The grounds crew and staff take great pride in making the campus look amazing for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Consider what you can do to help to keep it looking that way.” Photo of grounds crew

Interested in getting involved? There are several volunteer opportunities to keep an eye out for this school year. Opportunities include an ivy pull in Peabody Park and tree planting around campus in the fall. Students, faculty, and staff also have the opportunity to participate in an educational tree walk on Arbor Day.

Follow the Office of Sustainability to stay updated on these events and more.

And the next time you walk around campus, take a moment to appreciate the men and women whose hard work we can thank for the beauty of the campus that we call home.

By Mackenzie Winslow
Photos from the past year by Martin W. Kane