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Dr. Justin Harmon

Dr. Justin Harmon (Community and Therapeutic Recreation) received a continuation of funding from the City of Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department for the project “Greensboro Parks and Recreation Graduate Student Assistantship.”

The UNC Greensboro Department of Community and Therapeutic Recreation which will serve and support the City’s Parks and Recreation Department. The graduate assistantship shall be offered following the schedule of the University’s fall and spring academic calendar of the respective academic year. The UNCG graduate assistant (GA) assigned to the City program will accomplish the following during his assignment: Assist in the development of measurement tools to be used in evaluating existing and future recreation programs and facilities used for those programs; assist in implementing those measurement tools in pre-program and post-program evaluations; assist in the cataloging, data entry, and analysis of those measurement outcomes in order to develop insights into best practices and future needs; assist in the development of the healthy parks initiative which will include promotions and marketing of Greensboro parks and facilities to community members; and Establish partnerships with other health and wellness providers in the city to promote the healthy parks initiative to combat health concerns including obesity, diabetes, depression, etc.