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Dr. Leandra Bedini

Dr. Leandra Bedini (Community and Therapeutic Recreation) received a continuation of funding from the Town of Kernersville for the project “Adaptive and Inclusive Recreation Programs Support – Kernersville Park and Recreation Dept.”

Data sources show that in Guilford County specifically, 13.4% of children and 8.5% of adults have a disability. This is of significant concern since The CDC (2014) reports that children with physical disabilities are at a 38% higher risk of obesity and its associated health consequences than children without disabilities. Adapted community sports and physical activity programs and events have been proven to be effective in addressing the health and fitness needs of this population. However, research also shows that adapted sports are difficult for people with physical disabilities to engage in because of lack of availability and accessibility of programs and services. In addition, the Census Bureau reports that NC has the 3rd largest population of veterans in the US, with the Triad being one of the top three greatest concentration areas in the state behind Charlotte and Raleigh. Of significance for this proposal, research shows that over 19% of working-age civilian veterans in NC have a military service-connected disability. This population is underserved in terms of healthy physical recreation outlets which have been proven to improve mental as well as physical health in these individuals.

Bedini also received a continuation of funding from the City of Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department for the project “The Adaptive and Inclusive Recreation (AIR) Program.”

This proposal requests Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department (GPRD) to hire a graduate assistant (GA) through the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s (UNCG) Department of Community and Therapeutic Recreation (CTR). This GA will provide greatly needed assistance to staff working in the Adapted and Inclusive Recreation (AIR) Program (formerly Mainstream Resources Unit) in areas of program development, grant writing, evidence-based research, and new partnership opportunities to address the needs of youth and adults with physical disabilities which is an underrepresented segment in the city of Greensboro. The establishment of this GA position benefits AIR and the citizens of the City of Greensboro because it will help AIR/GPRD move forward in meeting the recreation needs of all citizens with and without disabilities in the local community.