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Currently, second-highest SECC participation level in system

UNCG solicitor volunteers will gather in a few days to hear the total of UNCG’s SECC campaign. As of Monday, it stood at $155,097 – about two-thirds the way to the campus goal.

With 28 percent of our employees having already participated, UNCG currently has the second-highest level of participation is the UNC system. Only NC State is higher, with 32 percent.

“We are approaching the holiday season – a time of giving,” says Dr. Rob Cannon, campus SECC chair. “The SECC Campaign is a wonderful opportunity to give to those organizations that YOU care about.

“I thank all of you in the UNCG community who have already pledged to the campaign, and encourage those of you who have not already participated in this important endeavor to do so now.”

You may give online at http://secc.wp.uncg.edu/2013-campaign/epledge/. Or you may fill out your paper form. Need a form or have a question? Just ask the solicitor in your department or email CW and we’ll help.

SECC at 60 percent of goal

Photo of Loretta Cou'se (HRL Housekeeping)As the UNCG SECC campaign nears its conclusion, the total stands at $140,338.

The campus goal is $235,000.

If you have been meaning to make a donation online at ePledge or turn in your envelope to your departmental volunteer, now is the time to do so.

The State Employees Combined Campaign supports more than 1,000 charitable organizations in our region and state.

More information is at secc.uncg.edu.

Visual: Loretta Cou’se (HRL Housekeeping)

SECC has a ways to go, as deadline approaches

Group photo of Theresa Hancock, Terri Relos and Barbara ChadwellThe UNCG SECC campaign ends in less than two weeks. The campus is not quite halfway to its goal of $235,000.

The SECC is the official giving campaign for state employees in North Carolina. It helps support more than 1,000 charitable organizations in our region and state.

A regularly updated status of our campus’ giving is at www.ncsecc.org/campaign-progress-0, if you want to stay abreast day-by-day as the campaign concludes. And new pictures from your colleagues are at secc.wp.uncg.edu/2013-campaign/uncg-gives-gallery/.

To contribute to the campaign, fill out the hardcopy form each employee has received. (If you need another one, just let the Campus Weekly editor know or your departmental volunteer.) Or you can give online, via ePledge, at secc.wp.uncg.edu/2013-campaign/epledge/. Many employees, including SECC Chair Rob Cannon and the CW editor, have found it to be simple and convenient.

For Rob Cannon, campus SECC chair, it all comes back to UNCG’s motto

Portrait of Dr. Rob CannonDr. Rob Cannon (Biology) has supported the SECC for many years. This year he is UNCG’s SECC chair. Which charity does he mark on his form?

He tells a story, of his father ill in the hospital. “Back in 2000, my father was 87. He’d die soon. My mother wanted him to come home.”

Hospice care was there for the family. The doctors thought his father would live four to five days. He lived under the care of Hospice for eight weeks.

“I’ve been giving to Hospice at Greensboro ever since.”

Our motto at UNCG is “service,” he stresses. The SECC is part and parcel with that motto.

Cannon has begun phased retirement. This semester he is teaching one lab and team-teaching a large lecture class. He continues to chair the Health Career Advisory Committee. And there is still that legendary line of students at his Eberhart door during his office hours, as he offers practical wisdom to aspiring doctors and dentists.

To mark his 40th year teaching microbiology, he reached out to his former students from 20 years and 40 years ago – and many responded with tales of where their careers and lives have taken them.

When you teach and advise for 42 years, you have an impact on many students. And they have an impact on many others.

In a way, the SECC is like that. You contribute to the organizations you want and know your gift makes a difference. One that may ripple and, combined with the gifts of others, affect many lives in many ways.

The SECC total stands at $106,615, with two weeks left in the campaign. The goal is $235,000.

Cannon explains he does not like people feeling pressure to give to the SECC. What he does like is that you can choose what organization you want to support.

For him that’s Hospice. And he’s taking it a step further. On Saturday he said, “Today, I am starting my training to become a Hospice volunteer.”

And by the way, he decided to forego the SECC paper form this year and instead try the new online ePledge. Using ePledge was simple, he said.

SECC details are at secc.uncg.edu.

By Mike Harris

H&RL rallies ‘round 2013 SECC

Photo of Jood Schachtschneider, Charles Clency, Konnie Hauser and Guy SandersIf you heard a big noise today coming from UNCG’s Gray Drive, don’t be alarmed. It’s just Housing and Residence Life holding a big pep rally for the SECC.

The SECC is the official giving campaign for state employees. It supports more than 1,000 charitable organizations in our region and state. And each year, UNCG’s H&RL is a big supporter.

Charles Clency, associate director for Residence Life, says it’s really quite simple: “I happen to truly believe that giving back in some sort of fashion is the ethical thing to do, when you’ve been blessed to have something in this world. My preferred charities are the YMCA and United Way because I’ve witnessed their exemplary commitment to families and community my whole life, and I aim to support them so they can continue this effort for generations to come!”

“We have had a 100 percent participation rate of turning in the forms since before I arrived in 1990,” says Guy Sanders, associate director for Administrative Operations in H&RL.

At the early morning pep rally Oct. 23, staff heard from speakers from Hospice of Greensboro and North Carolina Children’s Home Society. “The breakfast rally provides the motivation for over 100 H&RL staff to support the variety of agencies supported by the campaign,” he explained.

Why does Sanders support SECC? “1. It is easy. 2. It’s the right thing to do. 3. It lets me support the groups and agencies that target some of my favorite causes.

“For example, the last couple of years I have supported Catholic Relief Services because they have one of the lowest administrative costs per dollar donated and they are usually the first in and last out to disasters like the earthquake in Haiti, Civil War in Syria, and drought in east Africa. In the past I have supported Alzheimer’s Association (my wife works with them on walks), Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, Greensboro Urban Ministries, etc.”

This year’s H&RL SECC solicitor is Mary Davis. (Earlier H&L coordinators have been Mary Griffin and Doris Corbett.) Davis, administrative assistant, says she gives figuring that if everybody is willing to give a little, the money adds up and can make a big difference. “The organizations that receive the funds serve a huge variety of people with different needs. It feels good to know you are helping the SECC organizations help our community.”

Jood Schachtschneider, assistant director for occupancy management, says, “It’s easy to forget that there are a great number of people all over who need a helping hand. When you look at the types of services offered by all the different charities the SECC supports from Adoption Services, Elderly Support Services, Veterans Services, and lots of others, well, it’s a long list.

“Who knows, any one of us might need one of those services one day.”

To give or to see more information, visit secc.uncg.edu.

By Mike Harris
Photo by Mary Davis. L-r, Jood Schachtschneider, Charles Clency, Konnie Hauser and Guy Sanders

Lots of SECC spirit at the Bryan School

Photo of Glenda Lloyd and Lisa McLaughlinA glance at the SECC gallery shows a good number of folks from UNCG’s Bryan School. There’s even a humorous one of Dean Mac Banks.

Lisa McLaughlin in the Bryan School’s Department of Management supports the SECC. “I like to support Hospice and Senior Resources of Guilford.”

Why is that? “My father was under the care of Hospice before he passed. Currently, my mother attends monthly meetings sponsored by Senior Resources of Guilford. They provide informative speakers, a time to socialize with other seniors and a catered meal.”

The SECC supports more than 1,000 charitable organizations in our region and state.

When you give, you can specify one or more that you’d like to support.

Glenda Lloyd in the Department of Management is another SECC supporter. “I have been supporting Operation Catnip, which spays and neuters cats,” she tells CW.

Whatever you support – whether it’s environmental charities, animal welfare organizations, care for seniors or children, etc – the SECC gives you a great way to help. You’ll be joining many of your UNCG colleagues.

“When many folks contribute, funds are available to help different organizations,” Lloyd adds.

Photo: Glenda Lloyd and Lisa McLaughlin (L-r) Bryan School’s Department of Management
By Mike Harris

UNCG’s SECC at $51,433 after two weeks

The current $51,433 total is approaching one-fourth of the way to the campus’ goal.

The UNCG goal for this year’s State Employees Combined Campaign is $235,000.

The campaign is the official giving campaign for North Carolina state employees.

If you wish to to support one charitable organization of your choice – or more – you can make your selection from the listing of more than 1,000 organizations in our region and state supported by the SECC.

Your gift, no matter how large or small, makes an impact for these groups.

Learn more at secc.uncg.edu.

Do you have a favorite SECC charity? Perhaps one (or two) you specify each year. Let Campus Weekly know about it – and why you support it. We may use that in a future story. Email mike_harris@uncg.edu.

UNCG SECC 2013 goal will be $235,000

Photo of Mary Paisley giving ePledge detailsThere’s something new with this year’s SECC, Dr. Rob Cannon (Biology) said. He is UNCG’s 2013 SECC chair.

If you prefer donating online, you may do that.

It’s called ePledge.

If you prefer to donate via the traditional methods, such as check or payroll deduction, those options are available as well. Just see the form in your SECC envelope.

The State Employees Combined Campaign (SECC) is the official, annual giving campaign for state employees. It supports more than 1,000 charitable organizations in our community and state.

Last Wednesday, UNCG’s volunteer departmental solicitors gathered for their kickoff meeting and to learn more about ePledge. For many volunteers, it’s their first year in the role. A handful have done it for 15 years or more.

“I want to thank all of you for your willingness to serve,” Chancellor Linda P. Brady told the volunteer solicitors from across campus.

Lots of UNCG employees give to the campaign. UNCG historically has the highest or one of the highest per capita percentages of giving in the UNC System. Last year, 46 percent gave, a percentage second only to Elizabeth City State.

That rate of participation helps many in need.

Full information is at the new UNCG SECC web site, secc.uncg.edu – including details about ePledge. Questions? Email secc@uncg.edu or just ask your department SECC volunteer.

By Mike Harris
Photograph of Mary Paisley giving ePledge details by David Wilson

UNCG SECC pictures on web site gallery

Photo of SECC supporter Becky KatesThe 2013 SECC is under way. Historically, UNCG has one of the top participation rates in the system.

When you give to the SECC, consider snapping a picture – with you holding the “UNCG Gives” sign (download a small version or larger version here). Or when a group in your office has given, snap a group shot. If your department reaches 100 percent participation – and every year some departments do that – why not snap a departmental shot to mark the occasion? Or do it at the start to help spark high participation in your department.

And hold your “UNCG Gives” sign like you mean it. By being a proud participant in the SECC, obviously you do.

Then tweet it (preferably with the hashtag #uncgSECC).

Or email the picture to secc@uncg.edu.

The UNCG SECC site will display all the pictures at the new SECC gallery seen here – and these pictures from around campus will inspire others to be a part of the campaign as well.

Full details on the UNCG SECC are at secc.uncg.edu.

By Mike Harris
Photo of SECC supporter Becky Kates

UNCG awarded for SECC per-capita giving

UNCG received the Gold Chairman’s Award from the SECC for the highest per capita donation for a UNC school of our size in 2012. UNCG was recognized in the “1,500 – 4,999 Employees” category.

UNCG employees contributed $240,696 to the State Employees Combined Campaign, which helps support more than 1,000 charitable organizations throughout the region and state. It surpassed its 2012 goal of $235,000.

In the same category, NC A&T was awarded Silver.

The 2012 statewide campaign raised $4.4 million, for a more than 5.5 percent increase, reversing a downward trend. The last increase in the campaign had been in 2007.

The SECC site shows that UNCG had 46 percent participation. Only Elizabeth City State, with 53 percent, had a higher percentage in our system. The third highest was N.C. State, with 41 percent participation.

SECC passes goal

It went into overtime. But the campus hit its $235,000 goal for the 2012 State Employees Combined Campaign. As of Dec. 3, the total is $238,131.

The campaign supports more than 1,000 charitable organizations in our community and state.

“We did it!” said Dr. Kathleen Williams, SECC chair for the campus. “I want to thank everyone who participated from every part of campus – and all those who volunteered as well.”

Chancellor Linda P. Brady said, “The employees of this university, through their support of this campaign, have made a difference in the lives of thousands of people in our community and beyond. Once again, they have shown their caring spirit.”

By Mike Harris

CW Twitter posts help keep you updated

Campus Weekly will not publish again until Jan. 9, 2013. But the relatively new CW Twitter feed is one great way to help stay informed between issues.

The CW Twitter feed, operated by the CW editor, is one of many Twitter feeds around campus. See a list at uc.uncg.edu/connect/social-media-directory. Even if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can visit each Twitter site. But what works best is simply following the feeds you’d like with your own Twitter account.

Campus Weekly began its Twitter feed, which currently has about 125 followers, last summer. It has helped interested members of the campus community stay better informed. It has allowed the editor to include short pieces of information or observations that may not have a good place in Campus Weekly – as well as “retweet” interesting news items or pictures from around campus that may be of interest to CW readers.

The SECC had passed its goal? CW tweeted that news last Thursday – five days before it was published in CW. Don’t think you can learn much from short (fewer than 140 character) posts? Some tweets have a picture or link to a detailed post, so you can have detailed information.

The CW Twitter feed joins many other feeds on campus, such as the main UNCG Twitter feed, operated by Lanita Withers Goins (UR), which has about 6,320 followers. That feed, the chancellor’s feed, UNCG Athletics feed, UNCG Weekend and many more are quite popular. The ones associated with men’s basketball – such as UNCG Hoops and Wes Miller’s feed – are popular as well.

Visit (or “follow”) the Campus Weekly Twitter feed, https://twitter.com/campusweekly. More information about UNCG Twitter feeds is in this earlier CW post – uc.uncg.edu/prod/cweekly/2012/04/03/tweettweetatuncg.

By Mike Harris

SECC very near goal

At last report, the campus’ SECC total stood at 98.2 percent of the campus goal of $235,000. Envelopes were still coming in, when the report was issued just before Thanksgiving. If you wish to be a part of the campaign, please let your solicitor, Peggy Craig or Kathleen Williams know today.

More than 1,000 charitable organizations in our area and around the state are helped by the State Employees Combined Campaign.

When there is more to report, Campus Weekly will pass that along.

SECC at 81 percent, with envelopes still coming in

Over the last week, the campus’ campaign went from 53 percent of the goal to 81 percent. “I still have envelopes to open/enter……and they’re still coming in,” says Peggy Craig, SECC coordinator for the campus. The deadline for turning in envelopes was last Friday, Nov. 9, she notes. “However, if some come in this week, I won’t refuse them.”

Kathleen Williams, SECC chair, says “Thanks so much to everyone who has already sent us their envelope in support of the SECC. We are almost there. The official drive ends this Friday – we would love to count each and every faculty and staff member in this year’s total.”

The final total will be announced this Friday. That’s two days away.

SECC, at 53 percent, ends Friday. Envelopes are streaming in.

The campus’ State Employees Combined Campaign drive ends this week. Friday, Nov. 9, is officially the last day.

The total as of last Friday stands at $123,603. That is 53 percent toward the goal of $235,000.

On Monday morning (Nov. 5), coordinator Peggy Craig’s office held a partially filled box with unopened envelopes, to be processed later in the day. She noted that retired faculty and staff had not had their totals counted yet, in addition to the envelopes received in the previous hours. “We’ve had a lot of participation so far,” she said. “A lot of people want to be a part of it.”

Perhaps you are among those who need an SECC envelope? If so, you are not alone. Craig says about 25 individuals around campus have requested new SECC packets in recent days. They want to be sure they give. Getting a new envelope is simple. Just contact your department’s solicitor or call or email Peggy Craig (256-1245 or pkcraig@uncg.edu) or SECC chair Kathleen Williams (256-0218 or k_willia@uncg.edu) today.

Perhaps you planned to turn in your envelope in the final days of the campaign? Great, the campaign is ending, so now is the time to respond. Friday is the last day. The results will be announced next week. (Editor’s note: I turned mine in this week – the last person in my department to do so. I’d been meaning to, just hadn’t done it yet. So I can understand waiting till the final week to join co-workers in participating. The important thing is to participate.)

Perhaps you want to see which organizations are supported by the SECC? They can be viewed at http://www.ncsecc.org/. You can even search by county, by type of charitable service, and/or alphabetically. There are more than 1,000 in our area and around the state that you could select to receive your donation.

“Three days remain in the campaign,” says SECC Chair Kathleen Williams, explaining that a lot of UNCG individuals have already turned theirs in – and that a lot of individuals’ lives will be improved because of it. “Please be a part of the SECC. Please find your envelope, fill it out and turn it in today.”

By Mike Harris

SECC volunteers go the extra mile

Dozens of UNCG faculty and staff members volunteer each year to help collect envelopes for the campus’ State Employees Combined Campaign (SECC). The SECC, the official giving campaign for state employees, helps support more than a thousand charitable organizations in our community and state.

Helen Bradford is one volunteer. An SECC solicitor for UNCG Facilities Design and Construction, she explains why she volunteers: “I have been blessed with a job, and I believe we are called to help others that are in need.”

Like most of the SECC solicitors, she volunteers in other ways as well. “I volunteer at High Point’s Open Door Ministry as well as supplying food and financial support to several other area food banks.”

She also supports Hospice. “I have had several friends and family members that received their services during the last stages of their lives. I was impressed with the compassion and caring shown to the patient and the loving support given to family members during a very difficult time.

“By contributing to the SECC campaign, this is another way of supporting these worthwhile causes.”

Dr. Kathleen Williams volunteers at food banks – in addition to volunteering to serve with the campus’ campaign chair. She wants to share these words with her fellow employees:

“Many of you have returned your envelopes. Thanks so much. For the rest of you: The SECC campaign is nearing its end. Please return your envelope to your solicitor. UNCG would love to be able to report 100 percent participation this year! No pledge is too small – please participate. If you cannot find your envelope, please contact me at k_willia@uncg.edu or Peggy Craig at pkcraig@uncg.edu. We’ll get a new one out to you right away. As always, thanks so much in advance.

Visual: SECC solicitors listen to the chair speak, just before they distribute SECC envelopes to every employee at UNCG. Photo by Chris English.

SECC at 1/3 mark

As of Monday, Oct. 21, UNCG’s SECC total was $79,762. This is 34 percent of UNCG’s goal of $235,000.

Three weeks remain in the 2012 campaign.

It is the official giving campaign for state employees, helping support about 1,000 charitable organizations.

As the campaign kicked off, campus chair Kathleen Williams noted past figures showing UNCG’s history of giving to the SECC.

“It is a source of pride for all of us that UNCG has been either at the top or near the top both in terms of our participation and our per-capita giving,” she said.

The list of organization you may choose from when you make a gift is extensive – and each makes a difference in others’ lives, in our state and community.

If you have not filled out and turned in your SECC envelope, consider doing so today.

Thermometers show SECC at 22 percent of goal

UNCG’s SECC campaign is nearly one-fourth its way to the goal of $235,000.

The amount processed so far (as of Oct. 15) is $50,493. That is 22 percent of UNCG’s 2012 goal.

The 22 percent figure is on four new SECC thermometer signs around campus, which Paul Dow and other members of Facilities Operations made in the past weeks, notes Peggy Craig (University Advancement). They, as well as dozens of solicitors, are working to help UNCG reach its goal. The rising total may also be seen on the electronic board on Market Street, near the Music Building. Sherri MacCheyne, an SECC volunteer solicitor, keeps that board updated.

The SECC, the official giving campaign for state employees, helps support nearly a thousand charitable organizations in the community and throughout the state.

If you haven’t filled out and returned your envelope to your department’s solicitor, please consider doing so.

SECC ‘a prime way to give back’

There are people in our community who have it much harder than we do, SECC Chair Kathleen Williams said as UNCG’s campaign was launched.

“In my own experience, over the last couple of years I have worked one of the winter overflow shelters here in Greensboro,” she said.

A variety of individuals are helped. Some of those seeking shelter are military veterans.

“Some of these guys have come back from Iraq, Afghanistan.” They were homeless and either unemployed or underemployed. Most were able to get the help they needed, she said.

“They needed a hand. They needed some help in order to get on their feet,” she said.

The State Employees Combined Campaign (SECC) helps nearly 1,000 charitable organizations in our community and state – so they can do their work.

When you make a contribution of at least $10 to the SECC, you may choose the particular organization you want to help.

“There is a whole catalog of organizations,” she says, which is in each packet distributed on campus. Whatever your passion for giving, there is an organization that helps in that way. “There is something in there that speaks to each individual,” she said.

She hopes each employee will go through the list and find the organization that is meaningful to them – and select it. Perhaps there will more than one.

Williams referred to the fact UNCG had the highest per capita giving to the SECC last year. In addition, UNCG had the highest percentage of its employees participating in the campaign – more than any other in the UNC system.

“It is a source of pride for all of us that UNCG consistently has been either at the top or very near the top both in terms of participation as well as our per capita gifts,” she said as she recognized the spirit of giving and engagement among UNCG employees.

For many of us at UNCG, the SECC is “a prime way to give back,” she said.

As of Oct.1, 143 envelopes have been filled out and returned. UNCG’s 2012 goal is $235,000. If you haven’t filled out your envelope and returned it, please consider doing so.

By Mike Harris
Visual: SECC volunteer Jenny Williams and SECC chair Kathleen Williams (l-r) help gather SECC packets for solicitors to distribute. Photo by Chris English.

Got your SECC packet? Campaign has begun

Dozens of departmental volunteers picked up their armful of SECC packets Thursday morning at the Alumni House. By the end of the day, most faculty and staff at UNCG had them in hand – or in their mailbox.

Some have already been filled out and returned.

The State Employees Combined Campaign (SECC) is the official giving campaign for state employees. It helps support more than 1,000 charitable organizations in the Triad and statewide.

Dr. Kathleen Williams, chair of the 2012 SECC at UNCG, told the solicitors there was an entire catalog of organizations you can select from, in making your donation. “There’s something in there for everyone – something that speaks to each individual.”

The goal for UNCG is $235,000.

Last year, UNCG had the highest participation rate in the UNC system. At 48.9 percent participation, nearly half of the UNCG faculty and staff were a part of the campaign. Additionally, UNCG had the highest per capita giving among the system universities.

Chancellor Brady noted these figures, saying they speak volumes about the nature of this university and the commitment our faculty and staff have to helping those in need.

The key is participation, she said. Williams reiterated that, and said there are many individuals in our community in need. We hope individuals will give what they can, she said. “But the fact that you participate is really the most important thing.”

If you have not returned your envelope to your department’s volunteer solicitor, please consider doing so today.

By Mike Harris
Photograph by Chris English, of solicitors receiving their packets in the Alumni House Horseshoe Room

‘We made our goal’

The successful UNCG 2011 SECC campaign was one to be proud of – despite challenges. Or perhaps because of the challenges.

This year, due to budget cutbacks, there were fewer fellow employees – a loss our campus has felt in many ways.

“Not only did we lose employees, we haven’t had a raise in a long time and many families have one unemployed or underemployed spouse. Ironically, when the needs of the community are the greatest, the needs of our own faculty and staff are also the greatest,” SECC chair Dr. John Locke (Music) told the volunteer solicitors. He added, “Simply put, times are tough for many people.”

The solicitors had gathered in Virgina Dare Room to hear the results. Going into the weekend, the goal of $235,000 had not yet been met.

During the previous year’s campaign, the economy had been bad. Still, 44 percent contributed, Locke explained. This year, the economy is bad – and 48 percent contributed.

“On Monday afternoon, just three days ago, we made our goal!” Locke announced – to a big round of applause. He called several volunteers to the front of Virginia Dare Room to reveal the numbers.

The total – as of that day – was $238,796.

Chancellor Linda P. Brady told the volunteers, “I want to thank all of you for the incredible work.” She particularly noted the work of Locke, this year’s campaign chair and a longtime solicitor, and Peggy Woods, who has managed the campus’ campaign for years. And she noted the great number of UNCG faculty and staff who “stepped up” to surpass the goal.

Peggy Woods (University Advancement) will retire from UNCG effective Jan. 31. She received a big round of applause for her SECC work over the past years.

By Mike Harris. Photo by Mike Harris.


SECC deadline Nov. 11

As of Monday, the SECC had raised about $219,000. That is $16,000 from the goal of $235,000.

This Friday, Nov. 11, 2011, is the official deadline.

The State Employees Combined Campaign is the official giving campaign for state employees. It helps support more than 1,000 charitable organizations in the Triad and statewide.

If you have not returned your envelope to your department’s volunteer solicitor, please consider doing so today.

Will HRL keep streak of 100 % SECC envelopes turned in? Doris Corbett believes they will.

A lot of people know Doris Corbett. She been at UNCG for 15 years – in the Physical Plant, in the Division of Continual Learning, in the History Department.

She has been assistant assignments coordinator for Housing and Residence Life for the last five years, working with supervisor Jood Schachtschneider, who has been at UNCG more than 30 years.

Corbett explains they serve the students and their housing needs. “We want to give them the best experience possible.” For her, there are meal plan assignments as well as all the housing assignments to input and maintain. Right now, they’re accepting spring applications. January through September is their busy time for fall housing requests. The renovation of the Quad halls and the opening of Jefferson Suites have kept them on their toes, in addition to the normal things.

During the fall months, she wears another hat in HRL: SECC volunteer solicitor.

The SECC (State Employees Combined Campaign), which is in its final weeks, is the official giving campaign for state employees. It helps support more than a thousand charitable organizations around the region and the state.

The campus goal this year is $235,000. The campaign currently has reached about 80 percent of that goal.

She sends out email reminders to the 83 employees. She reminds supervisors that she can be contacted if someone misplaces their form or has questions when they’re filling it out. She sets the departmental deadline for returning envelopes two weeks before the campus deadline.

She says her department is generous and responsive.

“Within the first week, I had 50 percent of them back,” she said.

She says that for the last several years, they’ve have 100 percent participation – all the envelopes turned back in.

But with a couple of weeks left in the campaign, does her department have them all in? She lacks a few, she says. But she is working on reminders. “We’ll most likely have 100 percent participation.”

Each fall, she will talk with department members about charitable organizations they might be interested in hearing about – and then they invite two or three guest speakers for a brief presentation. One of the speakers this fall was from Bell House, a residence for adults with physical disabilities. Another was from Communities in Schools of Greater Greensboro, which helps children. A representative spoke of a 17 year old in high school who was left homeless by his parents, she explains.

“Usually, there are tears. Disbelief.” There is a lot of need in our community that we don’t see. “We never know….”

She is pleased to be a part of a campaign that does so much good. She’s honored to be the solicitor for HRL. “I find it really humbling.”

By Mike Harris

SECC past 60 percent

Several weeks remain in the campus’ 2011 SECC campaign. It is the official giving campaign for state employees, helping more than 1,000 organizations around the Triad and the state.

Campus Chair Dr. John Locke updated the volunteer solicitors throughout campus late last week.

In an email, he said, “A couple of days ago Peggy Woods told me we were at 60 percent of the goal, so we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

Each department or school has one person who has volunteered to distribute and collect envelopes.

If you haven’t done so already, consider filling out your form and returning your envelope to your solicitor soon.

SECC is halfway to 2011 goal

The SECC campaign has passed the halfway point. With a month left, the campus is about 55 percent toward its goal.

At the SECC kickoff meeting for volunteer solicitors as well as in a letter to all faculty and staff in the SECC envelopes, Chancellor Linda P. Brady spoke about the importance of the SECC. Through more than 1,000 charitable programs across the region and our state, it provides help for many people in need. And provides a way for state employees to give to causes they are passsionate about.

She also detailed her commitment and the importance of the campaign, in her message to faculty and staff in a letter in the SECC packet.

“This is the one time of the year in which the UNCG community unites to support others in the spirit of our motto of ‘service’,” the chancellor explained.

“More than ever, many North Carolina individuals, families and organizations are in need of support through our campaign. I hope you will join me in supporting one or more of these organizations. Every gift counts and makes a difference in the lives of many people, perhaps even someone with whom we work. Our participation in this campaign reminds our neighbors and friends that UNCG cares about our community!”

If you have not yet filled in your form and turned in your envelope to your department’s solicitor, please consider doing so soon.

First to reach 100 percent participation?

Each year, several departments have 100 percent participation in the SECC.

The SECC is the official state employees giving program, benefiting more than 1,000 charitable programs statewide and in our area.

This year the first department to reach total participation? The Dean of Students Office.

A few other offices and departments are close on their heels.

Heather Mitchell, SECC solicitor for the Dean of Students Office, had collected them all by the middle of last week. “While Heather did say that she had only five to collect, 100% is 100% and I’m now envious,” said Dr. John Locke, solicitor for Music and campus chair of the campaign.

If you haven’t filled out and turned in your SECC envelope to your departmental solicitor, please consider doing so soon.

SECC completes first week

The State Employees Combined Campaign is the official giving campaign for state employees. Dr. John Locke, chair of this year’s campus campaign, is the longtime solicitor for Music. He reported last week that more than half of the Music department has already completed and turned in their envelopes, in the first days of the campaign. Music has had 100 percent participation the last several years.

“I hope that every full-time employee has received their SECC pledge packet by now,” said Locke. “Remember, it only takes about five minutes to complete the pledge form. So, there is no time like the present!”

After the form is filled out, please return it to your departmental SECC volunteer solicitor.

‘You don’t have to give. Instead you get to give.’

The 2011 State Employees Combined Campaign (SECC) is in full swing. It is the official giving campaign for state employees, benefitting more than 1,000 charitable groups in our area and the state.

At a meeting of volunteer solicitors from throughout campus last Friday, Chancellor Linda P. Brady spoke of the lives touched by Hospice, by children’s services, environmental groups – the list goes on. Everyone has a passion, she explained.

“Whatever your passion is, through the SECC, you can make a difference.”

This year’s goal is ambitious: $235,000. It’s the same goal as last year, which our campus exceeded – though with the budget cuts, there are fewer faculty and staff than last year, which presents a greater challenge.

Dr. John Locke (Music), who has been an SECC volunteer solicitor in Music for about 25 years, spoke next. For the last several years, he has gotten 100 percent participation from Music.

As this year’s chair of the campus campaign, he shared some tips and advice from his years of volunteering as a solicitor for a cause – the SECC – that he feels passionate about.

“Be relentless,” he advised the solicitors. An email from Locke went out earlier this week to all UNCG employees, asking for their participation.

There are two choices for giving: payroll deduction or a one-time payment by check, cash or credit card. Payroll deduction and the billing options begin Jan. 1, 2012, for a period of one year. Five dollars per month (beginning in January) is the minimum amount eligible for payroll deduction.

If you are an employee, you have likely received your large white envelope. You are encouraged to complete the pledge form, sign it and seal it in the smaller business enveloped in the packet.

You may designate your contribution to specific agencies if you wish – or simply allow your contribution to benefit all of the agencies.

Locke has a saying about SECC: ‘You don’t have to give. Instead you get to give.’

By Mike Harris
Visual: Volunteer SECC solicitors learn about this year’s goal – and receive tips and instructions.

SECC Tops Goal, Hits $241,605

120110NewsAndNotes_PeaceThe SECC goal was $235,000. In the final days of the campaign, the goal was exceeded. [Read more…]

Last SECC Envelopes Are Coming In

111010Headline_SECCThe SECC comes to a close at the end of this week. The goal of $235,000 has not yet been reached.

Campaign solicitors for each department are collecting envelopes and making last minute reminders. Friday, Nov. 12, is the final day of the SECC, the official workplace giving campaign for employees throughout state government and the university system.

Through donations, the campaign assists more than 900 agencies and groups.

Here at UNCG, nearly 100 solicitors volunteer to distribute and then collect SECC envelopes each year. Many volunteer year after year.

For example, Lennie Alexander volunteers in University Advancement. “I have been an SECC solicitor about 10 years and love it,” she said, adding, “I am a believer that the more you give the more blessing you receive.”

Dr. John R. Locke (Music) has been an SECC solicitor at least that long. “I very much believe in the mission of the SECC and I have always contributed, myself.” He says he is completely relentless, utilizing an arsenal of emails, hand-written notes, phone calls and personal office visits. “I enjoy pestering my colleagues – 74 on my list this year – until I get an envelope back!”

He is known for giving a reward, as well. “When I get a pledge envelope back, I send that person a thank you note and a pack of M&Ms.”

Dr. Susan Andretta has been the Department of Anthropology’s solicitor for five years. “I do it because I believe in giving and giving back to the community.” She notes that her colleagues in the department are very generous and want to help in ways they can, making her job very easy for her.

Mary Katsikas (Chemisty/Biochemistry) has been a solicitor for four or five years. “All I do is send out a reminder once a week to those who have not handed in their envelopes. It is not really what I do but the fact those in my department want to help me do this. I am fortunate to work with people like this.”

A common refrain from the solicitors was the ready participation from individuals in their departments, such as in Communication Studies, where Dr. Chris Poulos has been the solicitor for three years. “I do it to make a small difference,” he says. Any secrets? “Just regular follow up,” which, he explains, “could be called nagging. It seems to work.”

Karen Christensen (Accounting Services) has done it for several years. The fellow solicitors she sees at the beginning of the campaign – as Peggy Woods gives instructions – and at the end as the campaign chair announces the total, are friends from all parts of campus she always enjoys being with. “Before Peggy sends the email, I create a list of the people in Cashier’s Office, Accounting Services and Fixed Assets. On the list I write ‘date handout packet’ and ‘date receive return envelope’. Then I create emails to send to everyone – one for the start, one for the middle, and one to remind when the last day to turn in envelopes. I have given candy some years when they hand in envelopes, [but I wanted to do] something different this year, since so many are trying to be healthier.” She also prints out the news about the SECC in Campus Weekly to hang on the office bulletin board, “with a picture of the thermometer to watch the contributions grow.”

Why does she do all this?

“Everyone needs help sometime in their life, so it is very important to give back to others where you can,” she says.

Visual: SECC solicitors received information and instructions Sept. 17.  Two solicitors quoted in story, Mary Katsikas (in white sweater) and Chris Poulos (in dark blue shirt), are in center of photo.

By Mike Harris
Photography by Mike Harris

Announcements: November 3, 2010

Dear colleagues,

The State Employees Combined Campaign concludes on Friday, Nov. 12.

The SECC is the official workplace giving campaign for employees throughout state government and the university system. Through donations from individuals at UNCG and at other state agencies, the campaign assists more than 900 agencies and groups.

This is the one time of the year when the UNCG community unites to support others in the spirit of our motto of “service.”

With the current economic conditions, many North Carolina individuals, families, and organizations are in need of support through our campaign. I hope you will join me in supporting one or more of these organizations. Every gift counts and makes a difference in the lives of many people, perhaps even someone with whom we work. Our participation in this campaign reminds our neighbors and friends that UNCG cares about our community!

Those with questions may contact their departmental solicitor or UNCG’s campaign chair, Benita Peace.

I ask each employee to consider being a part of the campaign. The campaign makes a difference in so many lives in our community and our state.

Linda P. Brady

SECC Is 70 percent to Its Goal

102710NewsAndNotes_PeaceA message from Benita Peace, chair of the campus’ State Employees Combined Campaign:

The 2010 SECC Campaign has about 2 ½ weeks left before the Nov. 12 deadline. I am proud to report that UNCG faculty, staff and retirees have contributed $163,700 toward this year’s $235,000 goal. Chancellor Brady and I are completely in awe and grateful at how well we have all done so far, especially during these challenging economic times.

I encourage those of you who have not yet submitted your envelopes back to your department solicitor to remember to do so as soon as possible. Participation is just as important as meeting the goal. UNCG usually has one of the highest participation rates in the university system for contributions, at 50 percent. As of Oct. 25, we are at a 27 percent participation rate. With 2 ½ weeks left, we should meet and/or exceed the participation rate and this year’s goal. UNCG will prove that we are the MIGHTY BLUE AND GOLD who cannot be defeated as a TEAM!

Reminder: Participation means putting something in the envelope, no matter how small. Also, payroll deductions do not begin until Jan. 31, 2011.

UNCG’s ‘Thriving at 3’ Helped by SECC via United Way

The State Employees Combined Campaign soon begins its third week. Solicitors for each department are accepting the filled-out forms in their envelopes. [Read more…]

SECC Goal: $235,000

092210Feature2_SECCThe poverty rate is at a 15-year high. Unemployment, particularly in our state, is exceptionally high. The Great Recession has caused lots of hurt, making this year’s State Employees Combined Campaign (SECC) particularly important.

“We know the impact that the economic situation has had on our community and indeed on our friends and neighbors,” said Chancellor Linda P. Brady.

We each have particular causes we may want to give to. The SECC allows you to pinpoint your donations, if you choose. The chancellor personally prefers United Way of Greater Greensboro, which supports the community in which she lives, she explained. Whether the organizations you choose are local, regional or even national, it’s important to note that they do make a difference, she said.

The official workplace giving campaign for employees throughout state government and the university system, the SECC assists more than 900 agencies and groups.

The campus’ many volunteer solicitors from throughout campus gathered last Friday in the Virginia Dare Room (in visual) to pick up packets for their departments and learn about this year’s drive.

SECC chair Benita Peace (HRS) announced the year’s goal: $235,000.

Peace spoke of her home county, Rockingham County, having one of the highest unemployment rates in the state. Many of those in her community have been hit hard. She also said last year she directed her donation to breast cancer awareness, in honor of her mother.

Many UNCG employees give through payroll deduction. That spreads the donation over 12 months, starting in January.

To make a donation, simply fill out the form, include payment and returned the sealed envelope to your department’s solicitor so it can be forwarded for processing.

The campus SECC web page is uncg.edu/secc.

“I know we can do it,” Brady said, about reaching the goal. “We had an ambitious goal last year and we exceeded our goal. I’m hoping we can do that again this year.”

By Mike Harris
Photography by Mike Harris

Breakfast Casseroles for Thirty

040710Feature_SimsSeveral UNCG individuals contributed unique gifts to the State Employees Combined Campaign (SECC) auction last fall. Skip Capone contributed a plane ride. Chancellor Brady contributed a “lunch with the chancellor.”

Dr. Laura Sims, dean of Human Environmental Sciences, contributed a special auction item: a homemade breakfast, with all the trimmings. What did she have in mind? “Maybe a family of four?” she said recently.

It didn’t quite turn out that way.

Dr. Bob Wineburg (Social Work) saw the gift offered at the SECC Auction table. “It said ‘a group,'” he recalled, not a specific number. 2009 SECC chair Dr. John Rife (HES) saw him eyeing it. Wineburg told him, “I’m going for this.”

Rife said, “I’ll match you.”

Their large, combined bid far surpassed the other bids on the list.

And they knew who they wanted to present the breakfast to: the housekeeping staff of their building. Sims suggested an even bigger group, with administrative and secretarial staff in their building, as well.

Which is why if you passed by the Edwards Lounge in Stone Building early on March 24, you’d have seen a table decked out with fresh flowers, place settings and a big message on the board which said: “Thanks for all you do for HES!!”

And you’d have seen Sims, in apron, rolling a cart down from the Cooking Lab, where she’d put the final touches on five casseroles she’d made for the honored recipients.

“I did do them all myself,” she said. She’d used three recipes. There was the “Sims Breakfast Casserole,” the recipe she traditionally uses on Thanksgiving morning. A vegetarian recipe. And a “French toast with praline topping” one. Plus there was fruit and granola, with yogurt, and various homemade muffins. Juices and coffee rounded out the breakfast.

Sims spoke of her pediatrician daughter in Thailand, a son in Texas, another son in the Virgin Islands. She doesn’t cook large meals so often – but on this day, she pulled out all the stops.

Denise Sherron, whom Sims called “my sous chef,” helped Sims with some final touches. Emily Caudle helped as well.

Rife was away, but Wineburg was able to join in the meal. Sims addressed all the staff assembled, who gave her a round of applause. Wineburg spoke as well, noting that this was one way to show thanks.

Then everyone enjoyed.