Social media administrators across campus are asked to follow these guidelines when producing visuals for their social media channels:


  • Avatars should be designed with the understanding that square images will crop round on many platforms. 400X400 dimensions work in most places.
  • Units should not use the standalone University logo as their avatar. Instead, choose a unit mark, iconic campus image, or graphic using the official color palette and fonts.
  • Portraits of individuals should only be used when the account represents a person.
  • Please contact art director Mark Unrue ( or social media manager Morgan Glover( if you have questions or want assistance or review of your avatar.

If you would like a sample avatar that you can customize in Photoshop you can download this photoshop file. In the file the UNCG should be in Palatino and the department name in Sofia Pro. You can find more font information on the Brand Guide font page.


Cover images should be clean, engaging, and easy to read. Consider a photograph of your location, campus life, or “spirit” photography, or pictures of faculty, staff, and students engaging in relevant activities.


  • Graphics should be branded with the University logo or unit mark and brand fonts and colors. Logos should not be placed on a busy background.
  • Use the following dimensions for in-stream graphics: 1080X1080 for Instagram; 1080X1920 for Instagram Story graphics; 1920X1080 for Facebook and Twitter; 1080X2340 for Snapchat filters.
  • Include a hashtag, web address or way to find out more information (when applicable).


Geofilters and image frames for Snapchat and Facebook should incorporate University brand colors and fonts, and if possible, abbreviated University or athletic logos. Include “UNC Greensboro” or “UNCG” if logos cannot be effectively incorporated into the design.


For more information on the Social Media program at UNC Greensboro review the social media section of the University Communications website.