Social Media Strategy Worksheet

(Last updated October 2019)


Does your office have what it needs to effectively launch and sustain social media channels?

Do not start new channels before answering the questions in this strategy document. Managers of existing platforms also should determine whether their strategy needs to be created or updated.


Account name(s)Account handles should include “UNCG” and match the name of your office/program, within character limits. Follow brand guidelines for profile pictures and cover images.
GoalsWhat do you want your audience to do? Examples: Visit your website? Complete forms? Like, share, or comment? Share user-generated content? Attend events?
Audience/communityWho are you trying to reach, and who in that audience is a potential influencer? Do you know what your potential audience wants from you in terms of content?
NetworksWhich social networks does your audience prefer to use? Do those platforms align with your goals? Do you have the resources and skill sets to best utilize those platforms? Has your team reviewed the terms of use for each platform?
Roles & InteractionWho on your team will post, monitor, and engage with followers? What type of interaction will your unit allow and encourage? How often can your team monitor and respond to comments on the page? Do you have a succession plan for when roles change?
FrequencyHow often will you post to your channel(s)? Hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly?
Content sourcesWhere will you source your content? What level of craft and curation is required? Have you created a content calendar to plan your posts?
Measurement strategyHow will you determine whether your goals are being met? Do you have access to the data you need? For example, will you need access to Google Analytics for your office’s website?
ToolsWill you manage your channels through the native platforms or do you want/need a third-party management tool? What equipment or software will you use to create your content?