Dear UNCG Students:

I’d like to touch on how UNCG is communicating with you and ask for your help and input. We know that sometimes the amount of information you get is overwhelming. You hear from faculty, Student Affairs, the University, the chancellor, the media, each other … It is a LOT. I know that sometimes when information changes, it can be confusing – and sometimes all of those sources of information are not saying the same thing at the same time. And when we don’t do a great job managing all of this, confusion becomes frustration.  

Our goal as a University is to be fast, reliable, and accurate so you can make decisions and stay informed. We are doing the best we can with the tools we have (our COVID Website, dashboard, @UNCG social media channels, email, mobile app, etc.) 

We won’t be perfect, but there are a few things you have shared that we can improve.  

  • We can do a better job of making it clear when something changes. Going forward, we plan to add dates and times to announcements, visibly note when we make edits to a previously published announcement, and clarify what changes are made from one announcement to the next. Hopefully that will help ensure that you know what is latest, most accurate, and most relevant.
  • We can do more to help ensure we are completely in sync regarding what we are telling students from different sources (so, we have formed a team here that includes me, Student Affairs, academic leadership and a few others to tackle this). 
  • We can also provide you with an easier way to give us feedback. We have created a feedback form so you can share your thoughts on our communications. And we have put in place an email address,, to provide another channel for your input (we will monitor that a couple times a week). For this to work and for your input to have an impact, please focus here on HOW we are communicating – did you get the message, did we miss something, were we clear? This is not the best way to provide feedback on content – decisions you may or may not support, specific policy questions, etc. There are other places for that. Specifically, the UNCG Dean of Students Office is the best place to start if you have concerns.  

We take seriously the notion that how we communicate matters, and that you can help us do it better at this incredibly tough, important time for our community. We are (and I am) really grateful to the students who have shared constructive feedback on our process. UNCG is about learning and getting better for all of us, and that is what we are trying to do here, just like you, every day. 

Thank you, 

Jeff Shafer

Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications