Video Resources

This page serves as an access point for video files available to UNCG departments for use in University and departmental projects. These color-graded video files will  be available in two formats and require University credentials to download. University departments are responsible for editing the video assets provided into departmental projects.

Narratives – These videos have been edited into short scenes to help tell a story about a University event, location, or the campus environment. Music has been added enabling the video to be used as is. Narratives are excellent for background footage during an event, updated campus scenes for on-campus video monitors, and the like.

Editor’s Cut – These videos are a collection of scenes from a shoot. Editor’s cut videos contain many similar angles, retakes, and transitions. Editor’s cut videos are not ready for immediate use as they are rough cuts. University departments must edit elements of the footage provided in order to develop a completed video or edit elements of the footage provided into a departmental project. More information and access to editor’s cut videos, on this page, will be added as editor’s cut options are completed.

Editor’s Package — Additional b-roll of the scenes and shoots from narrative and editor’s cut videos are available upon request. Contact for more information.