Show your pride in the G with these wallpapers for your desktop and phone. Click on the link with the size you desire and it will open the image. Right click to download the image to your device. Then follow device instructions for setting background image.

Common screen sizes:

  • Desktop screen 1920×1080
  • Retina desktop screen 3840×2160
  • iPhone XR 828×1792
  • iPhone X, XS 1125×2436
  • iPhone XS Max 1242×2688
  • iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus 1080×1920
  • iPhone 7, 8 750×1334
  • Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, LG G5 1440×2560
  • Nexus 5X, Google Pixel 1080×1920
  • Google Pixel 3 XL, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S9, S+ 1440×2960
  • Google Pixel 3 1080×2160
  • Google Pixel 2 XL, XL 1440×2560

Athletics Backgrounds

Summer 2024 Key Dates

Wallpaper of Minerva with Summer 2024 key dates.



Spring 2024 Key Dates

Foust Building Aerial

Wallpaper image of Foust Building Aerial

Fall Campus Aerial

Wallpaper image from Fall Campus Aerial photo

Bell Tower Campus Shot (Desktop only)

wallpaper image showing campus aerial image of belltower. Blue banner at the top with UNCG logo Find Your Way Here

Clock Tower with Graphic

Wallpaper image of UNCG clock Tower on red background with UNCG letters stacked

College Avenue in Summer

Wallpaper image of College Avenue

McIver with UNCG graphic

Wallpaper image of McIver Statue on gray background with UNCG letters

Minerva with UNCG graphic

Wallpaper image of Minerva Statue on gold background with UNCG letters

Spartan with UNCG Graphic

Wallpaper image Spartan statue on blue background with UNCG letters

Spiro let’s go G

Wallpaper image Blue and Gold background with Spiro mascot and Let's go G

Spiro Spartans

Wallpaper image Spartans banner with Spiro on gold background

Aerial View of EUC and Library Tower

Wallpaper image from Aerial photo of campus showing the Elliott University Center building and the Library Tower

Minerva with Spring Foliage

Wallpaper image of Minerva Statue among trees with spring foliage

Spartan Statue Against the Sky

Wallpaper image of Spartan Statue against blue sky with clouds and UNCG logo in bottom left corner

Pedestrian Tunnel

Wallpaper image of Pedestrian Tunnel
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