This collection of best practices and resources helps channel managers establish a social media marketing strategy and ensure it aligns with the University’s brand. 

Social media administrators across campus are asked to follow these guidelines when producing visuals for their social media channels:


  • Avatars should be designed with the understanding that square images will crop round on many platforms. 400X400 dimensions work in most places.
  • Units should not use the standalone University logo as their avatar. Instead, choose a unit mark, iconic campus image, or graphic using the official color palette and fonts.
  • Portraits of individuals should only be used when the account represents a person.
  • Please contact Assistant Director of Creative Services Jaysen Buterin ([email protected]) or Associate Director of Social Media Strategies Morgan Glover ([email protected]) if you have questions or want assistance or review of your avatar.

If you would like a sample avatar that you can customize in Photoshop you can download this photoshop file. In the file the UNCG should be in Palatino and the department name in Sofia Pro. You can find more font information on the Brand Guide font page.


Cover images should be clean, engaging, and easy to read. Consider a photograph of your location, campus life, or “spirit” photography, or pictures of faculty, staff, and students engaging in relevant activities.


  • Graphics should be branded with the University logo or unit mark and brand fonts and colors. Logos should not be placed on a busy background.
  • Use the following dimensions for in-stream graphics: 1080X1080 for Instagram; 1080X1920 for Instagram Story graphics; 1920X1080 or 1200X630 for Facebook and Twitter; 1080X2340 for Snapchat geofilters.
  • Include a hashtag, web address or way to find out more information (when applicable). Note that QR codes do not work reliably on social media, and should supplement a visible web link. 


Geofilters and image frames for Snapchat and Facebook should incorporate University brand colors and fonts, and if possible, abbreviated University or athletic logos. Include “UNC Greensboro” or “UNCG” if logos cannot be effectively incorporated into the design.


Consult this page for editorial style guidelines on writing posts for University-affiliated social media channels.  

Does your office have what it needs to effectively launch and sustain social media channels?

Do not start new channels before addressing the following list of account requirements and questions.

  • Account name(s): Account handles should include “UNCG” and match the name of your office/program, within character limits. Follow brand guidelines for profile pictures and cover images.
  • Goals: What do you want your audience to do? Examples: Visit your website? Complete forms? Like, share, or comment? Share user-generated content? Attend events?
  • Audience/community: Who are you trying to reach, and who in that audience is a potential influencer? Do you know what your potential audience wants from you in terms of content?
  • Networks: Which social networks does your audience prefer to use? Do those platforms align with your goals? Do you have the resources and skill sets to best utilize those platforms? Has your team reviewed the terms of use for each platform?
  • Roles & Interaction: Who on your team will post, monitor, and engage with followers? What type of interaction will your unit allow and encourage? How often can your team monitor and respond to comments on the page? Do you have a succession plan for when roles change?
  • Frequency: How often will you post to your channel(s)? Hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly?
  • Content sources: Where will you source your content? What level of craft and curation is required? Have you created a content calendar to plan your posts?
  • Measurement strategy: How will you determine whether your goals are being met? Do you have access to the data you need? For example, will you need access to Google Analytics for your office’s website?
  • Tools: Will you manage your channels through the native platforms or do you want/need a third-party management tool? What equipment or software will you use to create your content?

Commonly used branded hashtags are included below. Use these in your social media posts before utilizing secondary hashtags.

Program or event-specific hashtags should include “UNCG” in the phrase (i.e. #UNCGCHANCE, #UNCGSuccess, #UNCGStormtheStreets, etc.)  Don’t overuse hashtags and handles. Usually, one to three hashtags per post are appropriate.

#Back2UNCGFor the back-to-school season in August
#BelieveInTheGFor the University’s Believe in the G campaign
#letsgoGFor Athletics and spirit
#UNCG27, #UNCG28, etc.To address particular classes
#UNCGAbroadFor study abroad programs
#UNCGAlumniFor alumni-related posts
#UNCGEsportsFor University esports initiatives
#UNCGGradFor Commencement and graduation-related posts
#UNCGHomeFor Homecoming
#UNCGLightTheWayFor the University’s Light the Way campaign 
#UNCGResearchFor University research and scholarship
#UNCGRWWFor Rawkin’ Welcome Weeks events
#UNCGServiceFor service learning events and programming
#UNCGSOARFor SOAR (student orientation) programming
#UNCGWayFor the University’s brand and tagline (“Find your way here”)

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