The University hierarchy of typography complements the logo and provides designers with flexibility design a variety of marketing and communication tools to engage the reader. Consistent use of the typography in marketing and communications further aligns University units and strengthens the University brand.


Headlines use Pluto Sans Heavy font in all capitalization. This eye-catching font helps lift the brief, bold headlines off the page—whether in magazines, on the web, in billboards, etc.

Please note: If the headline is 20 point/pixel size or smaller, use the Sofia Pro font in sentence case format for the headline font (some websites may use initial case and that is acceptable.)

Samples of Pluto Sans Heavy typeface.


Body copy uses Sofia Pro Regular in case specific format, across all communications mediums. Alternative body copy fonts are Palatino and Georgia. See font examples below.


Stationery, including business cards and letterhead, email, and unit-level logos use Georgia font.

Examples of stationary layouts.
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