UNC Greensboro websites serve as a primary vehicle for prospective students and personnel to virtually visit and learn about the institution. To ensure accuracy and consistency of information, confirm navigational elements are in working order, maintain the integrity of brand voice and tone, and keep metadata aligned with modern SEO best practices, a Web Content Audit will be conducted annually under the Web and Mobile Operating (WAMO) Committee’s governance.


The purpose of this procedure is to define the tasks involved in reviewing and maintaining web content across all University website properties and identify the roles and responsibilities of those charged with executing the web content audit. This procedure compliments the University’s Web Content Life Cycle Procedure.


The UNCG Web Content Audit includes a checklist designed to guide responsible individuals through a list of questions to ensure content is accurate and reviewed annually.

Responsible Parties

Each website manager and marketing/communications director for every campus department, college/school or unit shall work together to execute the annual content audit for sites for which they are responsible. The web manager and marketing/communications director may collaborate with their internal department/unit network of content providers for their respective websites in order to execute the audit. Visit the University brand guide for website maintenance tips.


Further detailed in the checklist, the tasks involved in this annual review include:

  • Reviewing every web property to ensure the proper web design and visual brand assets are correctly implemented
  • Reviewing copy and information for accuracy
  • Checking links and navigational elements to ensure they are in working order
  • All text checked for relevancy, spelling and grammar, and photography displaying correctly
  • Verify that font style, color, and size of the font are consistent with the brand guide
  • Review websites for adherence to the Web Content Life Cycle Procedure, including sunsetting content that is no longer relevant
  • Review images for alt text 
  • Ensure accurate contact information including, but not limited to, the hours of operation and modes of access
  • Ensure consistent display of phone numbers and copyright information.


The web content audit shall be conducted annually. The review shall commence with an email communication from the WAMO Chairs to the web managers. The web managers shall complete their respective websites’ content audits and file reports with WAMO Chairs within ninety days of notification. Failure to complete the annual Web Content Audit within the allotted time period and without prior authorization of additional time to complete the audit may result in sunsetting of websites, i.e. sites are no longer live and viewable, until the audit is completed.

Revisions of the Web Content Audit Checklist

WAMO may review and revise the Web Content Audit Checklist annually and communicate any changes to the checklist before the review begins.

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