UNC Greensboro strives to provide an appealing, welcoming campus environment. Monitoring and controlling campus signage are essential elements in our University master plan, living and learning environments, and brand identity.

The University designates signage as either “Exterior Signage” or “Non-permanent Signage.” The Exterior Signage guidelines refer to wayfinding signs across campus such as directional signs. The Non-permanent Signage guidelines, also known as Banner/Event Announcement Signage, refer to temporary signs for time-limited messaging such as events, awards, programs, or projects sponsored by the University.

Exterior Signage

UNCG Wayfinding sign with the Clock Tower in the background
Exterior Signage example of a wayfinding sign

Non-permanent Signage

A UNCG banner sign for SOAR hanging over a building entrance way
Example of Non-permanent Signage (Banner/Event Announcement Signage)

University Signage Manual

The University Signage Manual provides guidelines and processes required to request both types of exterior signage as well as interior signage. Learn how to request signage and complete the necessary procedure by visiting the University Signage Manual.

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