The procedure for UNCG Photo Release Process requires that most identifiable subjects in photos/videos used in UNCG publications, electronic, print or otherwise, sign a Photo Release Form giving the University permission to use their likeness. 

Photos/Videos where there are identifiable subjects, who have not given their permission, cannot be uploaded into the University Digital Asset Management System.

Per the procedure for UNCG Photo Release Process, the University department/unit that requests the photos/videos is responsible for obtaining signed Photo Release Forms from all subjects in the photo. Electronic or printed photo release forms are acceptable. 

The following are recommended actions to maintain photo release records:

  1. Collect a Photo Release Form from subjects before the photo/video session. Once the form has been appropriately signed the photo/video session can occur. If the subject in the photo/video is a minor then a legal guardian must complete and sign the release form.
  2. The department/unit that requests the photos/video should store all signed University Photo Release Forms in a central location within the department, filed by the Merlin shoot number if applicable, so that the assets can be easily retrieved (by department staff) if requested. Thus, ensure multiple people within the department/administration have access to the repository of files.
  3. A department may produce an electronic version of the signed release and store such in a secure shared electronic resource such as a shared Google drive.
  4. Release forms should remain on file per the University Records Retention policy until such time that they can be destroyed. 
  5. If the department wishes to store the image(s) in the University Digital Asset Management System, the department will be required to attest that Photo Release Forms are on file for each identifiable subject in the photos/videos.
Screen Capture image of Photo Release Form
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Videographer holding studio light on photo shoot
Grant Gillard, videographer, filming with a video camera.
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