UNC Greensboro strives to provide an appealing, welcoming campus environment. Monitoring and controlling campus signage are essential elements in our University master plan, living and learning environments, and brand identity.


The purpose of these guidelines is to protect the integrity of UNC Greensboro’s facilities and campus aesthetics while enabling branded marketing and promotional signage to be displayed.

Aligned with the University policy on Alteration, Renovation, Maintenance and Repair of Facilities and the policy on Event/Announcement Signage, this procedure is in place to ensure a University-wide consistent approval, design, and installation management process regarding on-campus non-permanent signage, described as “banners” and “signage” throughout.

The University endorses the use of non-permanent signage that adheres to this procedure and applicable policies.


Non-permanent signage: Time-limited signage to promote an event, award, program, or products sponsored by the University.

Signage: Non-permanent messages in the form of:

  • Banners: must be vinyl with wind slits or mesh material.
  • Window Display: must be temporary and easily removable.
  • Applied graphics ex. Vinyl applied to brick or other façade
  • Sidewalk/Yard Signs: must be temporary and easily removable. Note: In accordance with the Policy on Event/Announcement SignageExceptions: Single event announcement signs designed similarly to real estate signs, placed along campus walkways and streets, that are placed and removed before and after events do not require prior approval.

Guidelines & Standards

The following guidelines and standards are established to protect University buildings and property from possible damage; to ensure the safety and security of students, faculty, and staff; to protect the visual appearance and environment of the University; and to support the University’s overall brand and message.

  1. Responsible Parties
    • This procedure applies to all faculty, staff, students, and campus entities (colleges, divisions, departments, and units) at UNC Greensboro.
    • Facilities Design and Construction (FDC) is responsible for the review of requests to display non-permanent signage on any campus facility. Facilities and Design Office must approve the request before installation can occur. Review FDC’s Signage Manual.
    • University Communications (UC) is responsible for the content review of requested non-permanent signage. University Communications must approve the requested design before production can proceed.
    • Requests for campus signage from non-University entities will be denied.
  2. Tasks
    Requestors shall abide by this procedure and the decisions rendered by Facilities Design and Construction (FDC) and University Communications (UC).

    All requests for banners shall be submitted to FDC on the Office of Space Utilization and Planning’s website using the Minor Renovation Request form.

    Requestors shall provide the following information to Facilities Design and Construction and University Communications well in advance of the date needed for the non-permanent signage to be posted:
    1. The organization/department the individual is representing along with email and telephone contact information.
    2. The organization/department’s Banfin number to secure payment for installation and removal charges. No management fee will be assessed for content review only. If professional services are needed, a management fee will be required.
    3. Reason/purpose for the banner.
    4. Dates the non-permanent signage will be displayed: beginning and end dates.
    5. Location of installation requested (specify building and location on the building).
    6. Quantity of non-permanent signage (i.e., banners, window clings) requested and sizes.
    7. Digital proof of the non-permanent signage designed by a professional designer.
    8. Submission shall include details of attachment method(s). All banners must be installed to withstand minimum wind loads as specified by the North Carolina Building Code. Expenses for any required Structural Engineering, if required, will be the responsibility of the requestor.
  3. Standards
    Requests for banners/signs in other locations, such as on landscape features, canopies, railings, support structures, etc., are not permissible.

    Non-permanent signage designs and content must fall within the University’s Policy on Free Speech, Public Assembly, Petitioning, and Amplified Sound, and must promote events, programs, or activities at UNC Greensboro (or sponsored by the University or its entities). Messaging may also promote awards bestowed onto the University and/or its programs. Banners or signs that promote or advertise for products, events or activities not sponsored by the University or its entities, or not located on UNC Greensboro’s campus, are not permitted.

    Requests for a banner or non-permanent signage must meet the following requirements:
    1. The overall design is compatible with the design of the façade of the building or structure to which the banner/sign will be attached (FDC).
    2. The design broadly reflects and adheres to the University’s overall brand identity, messaging, and includes an easily legible official logo (UC).
    3. The banner/signage is maintained in good condition.
    4. Outdoor banner requests for display at the Elliott University Center (EUC) must also adhere to the reservations and the guidelines set forth by the EUC.
    5. All banner material and messaging must follow University and Student rules.
    6. All proposed banner sizes shall be reviewed by Facilities Design and Construction and University Communications to determine aesthetic compatibility and constructibility.
    7. Banners shall be installed using an Invisible Frame System and Wall Brackets or be constructed with an FDC approved attachment method.
    8. Signage must conform to the City of Greensboro’s Land Development Ordinance when the location of the display is within the City of Greensboro’s jurisdiction.
    9. Banners/signage may not be used for commercial advertising, advertising, or promoting any political candidate, parties, office or issues, or identifying, advertising, or promoting any religion.
    10. Installation of the non-permanent signage will not damage the building or structure on which it is affixed. This includes a prohibition against drilling holes in the brick, stone, roof or other exterior finish materials of the buildings or structures.
    11. Installation methods and details must be reviewed and approved by FDC prior to installation. The completed installation will be inspected and approved by FDC.
    12. Banners will be maintained in good condition. Banners that, in the opinion of FDC or UC, have become worn, torn, faded, soiled, or otherwise defaced will be removed at the expense of the posting organization. Prior notification of a removal order due to poor banner condition will not be required.
    13. Historic buildings or structures deemed appropriate for architectural preservation will receive an even more rigorous screening from FDC before approval is granted.
    14. Non-permanent signage will be approved for display for a specified and limited length of time, after which they must be removed. Such signage left up longer than five days following an event may be removed by Facilities Operations and the posting organization will be charged. Signage that is removed by FDC must be claimed by the owner within 48 hours.